How I cleared acne without medication

I was one of those teenagers with perfect, porcelain like skin.

And then I turned 20 and bam! Acne galore. Pimples started sporting up everywhere, mainly around my chin, nose and cheeks. I tried literally hundreds of products and even went on the Pill. While this helped for awhile, I wanted long term results.

Instead of turning to acne medication, I tried to figure out what was causing my acne, especially during the severe flare ups.

Today I’ll be sharing ways in which I cleared my acne without the use of acne medication. Please note this is what personally worked for me so it may not work for you.

So let’s get to how I cleared my acne!

Acne is a serious condition that can impact heavily on self-esteem and confidence. While most people experience it during their teen years, it is also affecting adults well into their 30s and 40s.

So what causes acne? A range of factors. Lifestyle, stress (a huge factor), eating habits and hormonal imbalances. It can also indicate serious problems such as endometriosis.

I’m ashamed to say that I lived with it for close to ten years. Each time my acne would clear up, the horrible cycle would start all over again. I tried countless treatments, homemade remedies and even went on the Pill. While these did help, I was curious to know why I was breaking out so much.

The first step I took was to evaluate my diet.

I noticed that when I consumed large portions of dairy and alcohol, my acne would flare up almost straight away.

Dairy became the first thing I cut way back on, and I noticed an immediate difference. I also switched over to almond milk which made a massive difference.

I reduced my alcohol intake.

Drinking sugary cocktails and white wine would cause breakouts, especially around my chin. Once I cut back on alcohol, I started to see a gradual improvement in my skin.

Another step I took was sticking to a regular skincare routine.

I avoided any products that promised to eliminate acne overnight as these almost never work. While it can take awhile to see a difference, I promise sticking to a routine will help so much down the track. Just stick to it and be consistent. I mostly use organic skincare products and I believe this helps in maintaining my skin and keeping it clear.

Lastly, minimise stress where possible.

Stress was another huge trigger for my acne. Once I removed myself from toxic environments and people, I noticed a big difference.

It’s important to remember that you will not see results overnight!

There is no magical cure for acne and unless you decide on medication, it is a long and bumpy (geddit?) road to clear skin. This was the biggest mistake I was making for all those years. I was expecting overnight results and when I didn’t see any I gave up right away.

I believe all of these factors contributed to the gradual improvement to my skin.

Maintaining acne prone skin is hard. You are constantly worrying about potential flare ups and whether a certain meal or new skincare product is going to trigger it.

It is a complete lifestyle change; I know it was for me! Cutting out some of my favourite foods was hard but you know what? It’s a small sacrifice to pay for clear, blemish free skin.

So my advice for anyone suffering with acne and constant breakouts is to check your diet, check your lifestyle and keep a dairy of when it flares up. Soon you will start to see the triggers and what to avoid.

On my recent trip to Byron Bay I went makeup free most days and felt so confident!

Clear skinned in Byron Bay

I’d love to know if there are any former acne sufferers out there and how you’ve managed to clear your skin.


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