Letter from the Editor #1

So hello! Welcome to the very first edition of Letter from the Editor. I am finally writing this from my own domain, after six long years of blogging.

I now own the domain A Beauty Wanderer and also switched over from Blogger to WordPress.

This was the best decision I could’ve made as WordPress have so many great features. The only regret I have is that I wish I’d switched over years ago. Although this SEO business is no joke; it had me tearing my hair out in frustration for the looongese time!

So here we are in February and so far the year has gotten off to a good enough start. Not much has changed in a physical sense, but mentally I feel like a completely different person. So many things I used to worry about no longer affect me but of course a whole new set of worries have come on board. The joys of being a chronic worrier! 

Lately I’ve been quite preoccupied with appearances.

Not in a vain sense, well maybe just a bit. Suddenly I am really into looking fit, toned and having nice hair. I guess that’s the beauty (curse?) of getting older. When you’re younger everything sort of comes naturally and you don’t need to work at it. In my twenties I was very thin naturally and could eat like a horse but those days are long over for me. Well that’s a slight exaggeration. I haven’t changed that much but I definitely can’t binge eat like I used to. These days I am really into eating healthy as it makes me feel a whole better. It’s an entire mind switch, almost like a little light bulb goes off in your head and tell you to get it the hell together because that 20 year old body ain’t coming back by itself. 

In other news which has really excited me, 2019 is apparently the year when blogging makes a comeback.

This was only reinforced when one of my favourite bloggers from years ago started posting again after a very long hiatus. All I can say is bring on the blogging! I am a HUGE fan of the old style blogs and miss the candid nature of them. 

Have you been affected by the Marie Kondo movement?

Perhaps a close friend has jumped on the bandwagon, someone from your work is Kondoing the entire work space or maybe it’s you? I cleaned out my wardrobe recently and felt sickened by how much stuff I had. Now, I can see where everything is and mentally I feel lighter too. I am yet to watch the Marie Kondo Netflix show and I don’t plan to as I think it will tip me over the edge and probably cause me to sell my entire house and go and live by a river somewhere with only a sack on a stick. 

If there’s one thing I love it’s coming across new blogs to read and recently I’ve come across a new one.

Sophie Milner writes Fashion Slave and omg I have been binge reading it like crazy lately. All of her content is so relatable and real and I feel like we could be best friends in life (in a non creepy way of course).

So that’s basically a snapshot of my life recently. Not too much going on in a physical sense but behind the scenes my mind is ticking away a million miles an hour.

Let me know what you’re up to at the moment!


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