What I’m reading lately #2

Hi. Hello. I’m back with another round up of what I’ve read lately. I had some time off from work so I managed to fit in a few books, go me!

Lately I’ve made an effort to read different genres and have really been into the psychological thrillers lately. I love reading about twisted, messed up characters and stories…hmmm.

Anyway, here they are.

You by Caroline Kepnes

Chances are you’ve watched the Netflix series of the same name. You is about a young man Joe Goldberg who becomes smitten with Beck, a girl who walks into his bookstore one night. What starts off innocent enough becomes a full blown obsession and things start to spiral out of control. Lies, murders and betrayal are all themes explored in the novel, along with the dark side of social media.

You is intriguing, creepy and a book I could not put down. It also gave me the chills, along with some nightmares (yes really). It got me thinking about social media and how easy it is to track someone down and monitor their every movement.

I loved how the storyline kept me on my toes. While I loved the actual plot line I did not love the ending. I suppose I was expecting it to end differently? Part of the reason why I read this so quickly is so I could watch the series. I’m one episode in and already love it. Penn Badgley (forever known as Dan Humphries to me) plays the part so well.

All in all it was a great read and I would recommend it!

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Jenny Han wrote To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before so I knew I’d be in for some YA story lines. This book includes all three instalments of the series; The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer.

The series focuses on teenager Belly (Isabella) whose family share summers with her mum’s best friend and her two sons each year, Conrad and Jeremiah. Belly soons finds herself torn between the boy she has always loved and the boy who’s always cared for her. It’s a story of love, friendship, loss and forgiveness told through the eyes of Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah.

Despite this being a YA novel I really enjoyed it. The plot line was interesting and I kept wanting to know what happened next. Some parts were a bit fluffy and youngish, and I found myself annoyed at Belly at times.

It’s definitely targeted towards a younger audience but overall it was a good read!

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

This was purchased on the flight home from the Gold Coast and I am so glad I picked it up. The Wife Between Us is in the genre of Gone Girl, The Woman in the Window etc and follows similar themes of infidelity, betrayal and violence. The novel revolves around a woman whose husband has left her for someone younger however not is all as it seems. The story switches between the present and the past and weaves a plot that draws you in closer and closer.

While the ending did not blow me away, I absolutely loved the anticipation throughout the novel if that makes sense? About a third of the way through a huge bombshell is revealed which completely blindsided me. I admit it took me awhile to process and make sense of it all.

The storyline line switches around quite a bit and it was difficult at times to comprehend it all. Similarity, I felt like some parts were added in for convenience and as a way for the author to prove a point but it felt a bit unnatural, like it didn’t really belong? It’s a bit hard to explain without giving too much away.

Overall I really enjoyed it and plan to reread it a second time to better understand it. The storyline is also set in New York which made me love it that bit extra 🙂

The Girl In the Moon by Terry Goodkind

This was another book I picked up on my holiday however I never finished it. Why? It was simply too gruesome and creepy to continue.

It centres around a young woman Angela whose family’s bloodline carries the ability to recognise killers. Angela uses these abilities to carry out missions that are personal to her. The plot line is unusual and I was looking forward to reading more.

The first couple of chapters were intriguing, however the plot soon turned very crude and violent and I struggled to get through it. Some of the descriptions of rape and murder were horrific and that’s when I decided to stop reading.

I find reading horrific scenes more terrifying than watching as my imagination runs wild. To me, the world is full of dangerous people and situations and I don’t really want to read about it.

I left this book behind in my hotel room and I have no interest in finding out what happened. It’s not a reflection on the author, it simply wasn’t the book for me.

That rounds up my recent reads!

What have you been reading lately? Please share your recommendations below!


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