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I have been self tanning since I was 15. Fifteen. Crikey, that’s almost 20 years.

Ever since that fateful day when I picked up a tube of LeTan at the South Melbourne market, I have been hooked on having a bronzed glow.

Over the years I have experimented with dozens of self tanners. Some worked, most turned me orange. These days, I stick to the products I know will work and can flawlessly create a beautiful tan in under 3 hours.

When I was contacted by Bali Body to sample some of their self tanning products, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

I had long admired their stunning Instagram photos, aesthetically pleasing products and of course the models who promote the range. Long limbed, bronzed skin and utterly gorgeous; naturally I had to try it out.

I tried out four of their popular products.

I was sent the Dark Self Tanning Mousse, Face Tan Water, Moisturising Lotion and their Luxe Tanning Mitt. Today I’ll be sharing my honest review with you on Bali Body!

The Face Tan Water was only recently launched and I was super excited to try it out. You might know that I am a HUGE fan of EcoTan’s Face Tan Water who were the first to bring it to the market. I was interested to see whether the Bali Body version would work as well. I’ve been using it for a good month now and am absolutely loving the results. It gives a great natural tan to the face and works quickly to deliver results. I find applying it 2-3 times a week is enough to maintain a bronzed glow. My absolute favourite feature is the pump dispenser; this makes it so much easier to get the product out not to mention less mess!

I had high hopes for the Dark Streak Free Self Tanning Mousse after seeing countless reviews and YouTube videos. I’m happy to say that it did not disappoint.

In a nutshell, this mousse gave me a natural looking, golden tan with no streaking.

On left: no tan. On right: one coat of the Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse

I found is very easy to apply and blend in. It has a very light colour guide so it’s important that you blend it in really well. If you’re used to tanners with a noticeable colour guide (like I am) it’s just something to keep in mind.

There is also no nasty fake tan scent which was a huge bonus for me! This meant I could apply it and go on with my day without having to wash it off. I really loved this aspect.

I found that it gave my skin more of a golden colour rather than a true brown. As I naturally tan golden, it looked very natural on my skin tone.

The longevity of my tan was pretty good. I found it lasted for almost a week before it started to fade away.

I am overall super happy with the self tanning mousse and highly recommend it.

I am really fussy with tanning mitts and stick to the ones I like. I had never use a mitt with the thumb so I was curious to try the Luxe Tanning Mitt out. I found it was actually easy to use as I had more of a grip. All of those pro self tanners out there, you know the pain of having a mitt that keeps slipping in your grip! It applied the Self Tanning Mousse beautifully and there were no streaks, yay!

The Luxe Moisturising Lotion was surprisingly hydrating and absorbed super well into the skin. It has a light citrusy scent which I personally love and left my skin feeling nicely moisturised. It would make a great summertime moisturiser as it’s so light.

Overall I really enjoyed the Bali Body range and have been using the Self Tanning Mousse and Face Tan Water non stop since I received it. I would recommend the range to anyone who regularly self tans and also for beginners as the products are super easy to use.

To purchase Bali Body click here!

Have you used anything from the Bali Body range? What did you think?


*Products were kindly gifted for consideration, however this does not impact on my review or thoughts and all opinions remain 100% my own. 


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