What I’m watching on Netflix right now

I’ve been having a love affair with Netflix lately.

There are so many new shows and movies being added that it’s hard to figure out what to watch first. Trust me when I say my list is reallyyyy long.

When I recently found myself interstate for work, Netflix was the perfect cap to very long working hours.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve been watching over the last couple of months!

Dirty John. After a few of my friends recommended this show I knew I had to watch it. Dirty John is based on a true story (abeit slightly dramatised) and follows the destructive relationship of John and Debra. While I really enjoyed this series I found Debra’s character frustrating and regularly had to take breaks from watching it (lol). Nonetheless I am almost near completion and although I know how it ends I am looking forward to seeing how the story played out. If you’re a fan of shows with a creepy vibe definitely watch this one.

Isn’t It Romantic? Being a huge Rebel Wilson fan, I knew I was in for a treat. Isn’t It Romantic follows a cynical-about-love girl who hits her head and wakes up to find herself living in a real life romantic movie. Was it fluffy and predictable? Yes of course but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel like Rebel’s comedic genius was slightly stifled in this movie; I suppose Hollywood movies are very cookie cutter and I wasn’t used to Rebel playing a tamer character. Regardless, I liked it and would recommend if you’re after a lighthearted movie.

The Perfect Date. I am a bit addicted to teenage rom coms and this film fit that genre perfectly. Noah Centino (he of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before fame) stars in this sweet but predictable comedy of a ‘wrong side of the tracks’ high school student who is desperate for the finer things in life. Driven by his need to get into Yale, he starts a dating app with his best friend to make some money. This movie had it all; a sarcastic, wise cracking love interest, the classic stuck up girl and the normal angst of teenage life. Along the way towards his goal he realises what’s really important in life and naturally the movie ends with a romantic kiss. While it was predictable, fluffy and forgettable I enjoyed it, not to mention the delicious eye candy that is Noah Centino.

Baywatch. I grew up watching the original series and had heard awful reviews of the remake. Well, it helped that I had zero expectations as I ended up quite enjoying the film! Baywatch the movie centres around lifeguard Mitch (played by Dwayne Johnson) who is passionate about looking after his shore. When drugs and dead bodies start to turn up on the beach Mitch and his crew look for answers. It’s funny, silly and at times downright gross but the storyline and cute actors save it. I enjoyed Zac Efron’s character of a former Olympian swimmer who had fallen from grace and I found myself really wanting him to redeem himself. If you haven’t seen Baywatch yet I urge you to give it a go!

Fyre Festival- The greatest festival that never happened. I must’ve been living under a rock during 2017 because I have no recollection of the Fyre Festival. It was billed as the greatest luxury music festival, to be held at Pablo Escobar’s former private Bahamas island with the promise of luxury accommodation, chef prepared meals and an amazing music experience. Sadly these never came to fruition and the mastermind behind the Fyre Festival was eventually charged with fraud. It was super interesting to watch and perfectly captured the age of social media where everything is not always as it seems. I actually felt really anxious watching it as everything began to spiral out of control and eventually flop in a colossal way. After watching it I spent some time watching YouTube videos from vloggers and it was difficult to watch their excitement turn to disbelief, confusion and then anger. Highly recommend watching this. Plus, seeing the ‘chef prepared’ lunches is funny in the worst way ever.

That sums up my recent Netflix watches! Let me know what you’re watching at the moment; I’d love to hear some recommendations!


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