A Beauty Wanderer x MAC Brows

I’ve recently been reintroduced into the world of MAC and can’t believe I ever left, really.

When I was asked to take part in MAC’s Brows Campaign I jumped at the chance.

I would be given a mini view makeover, pick up some techniques to perfect my brow game and play around with new product releases? SIGN ME UP!

MAC recently launched a range of new and improved products to assist with brow styling to suit all styles and tastes. From a heavily made up drag queen inspired brow look, to a bushy, natural look made famous by Kate Moss, MAC have you covered with the right tools and techniques. I was super excited to try out the products, find out some tips from an experienced MUA and play around with makeup for an afternoon!

I headed over to the MAC store on Chapel Street for my afternoon of pampering, excited for what lay ahead. Seeing as brows are HUGE right now I was excited to take part in a workshop and have the chance to pick up some tips for creating the perfect brow.

Upon walking into MAC, I was greeted very warmly by Ange, an experienced and extremely knowledgable MUA who knew just what I meant when I said I wanted a natural yet bushy eyebrow look. Ange showed me three products that would help to create the eyebrows of my dreams and we soon got to work.

The first step was priming the brow hairs.

I must admit that I had never really thought to prime my brows yet Ange showed me what a difference it makes. We used the False Lashes Maximizer which is primarily used for lashes however it works amazingly well on brows too!

If you have to purchase a brow product from MAC definitely make it this one!

I could not believe the difference it made to my unruly Greek brows and the way they were tamed with just a few strokes. Although the primer is white, it actually dries clear so it’s the perfect product to use for a polished yet quick brow fix. I’ve been using this primer on it’s own and it’s more than enough to add a bit of polish to the brows.

The next step was shaping the brows.

Ange used the Eye Brow Styler to add feather like strokes below my eyebrow line to create a fuller yet subtle look. I was really surprised to see just what a difference this techniques makes. Like most women, I always filled in my brows above rather than below the brow line. Adding in strokes below the brow line gives a far more natural look while also making brows look perfectly bushy.

This was the best technique I picked up from the day and is a tip I’ve been using each day.

Finally, the finishing touch!

The Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set helps to fill in any gaps and add some colour to the brows. Because it is quite pigmented, Ange advised me to scrape off any residue on the tiny brush before applying. Applying it in light strokes really helped to set the brow look and add the perfect amount of colour.

I was absolutely thrilled with the tips and tecnhniques I picked up from Ange at MAC and have been religiously incorporating them into my everyday makeup routine.

The routine takes less than 5 minutes yet it makes such a difference. On the days when I have literally no time I will just run the False Lashes Maximiser through my brows and add a few strokes of the Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set. My brows are left looking perfectly polished and tame.

A big thank you to MAC and Brands Etc for the amazing collaboration! It’s so amazing when you are introduced to products that quickly become favourites!

I’d love to know the products you use on your brows?


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