What I’m reading lately #3

Hello and welcome back to another round of what I’ve been reading lately!

Over the last few months I’ve made the concentrated effort to reach for a book instead of my phone. I feel my phone use has become such a bad habit when I’m bored or procrastinating, and I found myself using it even when I didn’t need to. I guess it was because it was there? It’s just such a bad habit to me and I hate being glued to it 24/7; it just isn’t healthy!

Anyway, I’ve loved getting back into my first love, which is reading. Honestly, if I didn’t work full time I would just read all day long. I have read some really wonderful books lately, including a new series that saw me reading past midnight most nights.

Anyhoo, here’s what I’ve been reading lately!

After by Anna Todd. I picked up this novel at the airport as it sounded vaguely like something I’d enjoy, not realising it has a huge cult following. After tells the story of Tessa and Hardin, two college students who meet and start a torrid love affair. Their relationship is very up and down and towards the end things take a nasty twist. Along the way hearts are broken, trust is shattered and the reader is left wondering if things will ever go well for these two. I really enjoyed the book and even picked up the sequel (which I’ve reviewed below). The book is definitely targeted towards a younger audience and being in my 30s I found I couldn’t relate to the angst of Tessa and Hardin’s relationship in a way? Nonetheless it was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I cannot wait for the movie to come out!

After We Collided by Anna Todd. After the first book I was desperate to find out what happened to Tessa and Hardin, so I bought the sequel and devoured it. After We Collided follows on directly from the first book and deals with the aftermath of Hardin’s cruel actions. Without giving too much away, I was swept away in the world of Tessa and Hardin and honestly could not put the book down. What can I say, I was genuinely invested in the relationship between Hardin and Tessa. There were some parts that really frustrated me, especially when Tessa and Hardin couldn’t seem to get their s*** together and some parts of the book dragged on but overall I really enjoyed it. I’ve been YouTubing clips from the upcoming movie and I cannot wait for it to come out…Hardin in real life is all sorts of amazing.

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. I read this book years ago and completely forgot the storyline. When a friend from work lent me her copy I decided to have another read. I was a huge fan of The Devil Wears Prada book (not so much the movie) and was eager to read more about Andi Sachs, Miranda Priestly’s former assistant and budding writer. Book 2 sees Andi married with a baby and friends with Emily (also a former assistant to Miranda and previous nemesis of Andi). Andi and Emily run a luxury bridal magazine together and things go awry when Miranda Priestly herself wants to acquire the rights to their magazine. I won’t give too much away however relationships are tested and Andi starts to realise what’s important in life. While it’s not as good a read as the first book, the sequel is interesting and it was nice to see Andi develop as a character.

Elenoar Oliphant is Completely Fine. I loved this book. Loved it. As soon as I picked it up I knew I would. In a nutshell, this book focuses on loneliness and the effects it can have on anyone experiencing it. Elenoar is offbeat, quirky and yes, a little strange however as the plot thickens we soon realise there is so much more to her than we could’ve imagined. I experienced a range of emotions while reading this, and isn’t that what a good book should do? I highly recommend this novel to anyone who has ever felt like an outsider or misunderstood.

That rounds up my recent reads! I’ve also reread some old favourites which I won’t bore you with as I’ve most likely reviewed them before.

Anyway, let me know what you’ve been reading lately, I’d love to know!


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