Effective skincare hacks to save money and time

I’ve always been a major skincare addict.

My earliest memory is browsing the Avon brochures as a young teen, trying to find that elusive product that would give me magazine worthy results (this was way before filters and Insta Ready were a thing).

Fast forward many years later and I’m still somewhat of a skincare whore. While I definitely have my everyday staples, I love discovering new and effective products that take my routine to a whole new level.

I tagged along to a Ella Bache VIP night recently and I picked up a few tips that I thought I’d incorporate into a skincare hacks post. Sometimes it is hard to know what products you need, how to apply them or how often and after hearing the questions asked at the VIP night I realised that none of us really have any idea. I hope this post helps to clarify any questions you may have about skincare and hopefully you’ll pick up a useful tip or two!

Mix your skin oil into your moisturiser. This was the biggest tip I picked up at the VIP night. Mixing your face oil into your moisturiser has two benefits; one) your skin absorbs the oil better, and secondly) your moisturiser last longer. I have been following this tip every night whilst applying my skincare and I am already noticing a difference to both my skin and the amount of product I still have left.

Use a eye makeup remover with nourishing benefits. The eye area is extremely delicate and can undergo some pretty rigourous activity when applying eye makeup, liner or makeup remover. Yes, we might apply a nourishing eye cream afterwards but what about the damage we do beforehand? A great tip I recently learnt was to ensure your eye makeup remover is gentle and nourishing on the eye area. I have been using the Ella Bache Eye & Lip Cleanser to remove eye makeup and so far I have loved the results. It removes makeup without tugging the skin which is so important for the eye area. Better yet, it conditions the skin after use which helps to keep the are soft and acts as a great conditioner for your lashes!

Pick a body scrub that isn’t drying on the skin. I do love a good body scrub, especially to take off all of that leftover self tanner. However, what I don’t like is having dry, scaly skin afterwards. So many scrubs I’ve used are great at removing dead skin but unfortunately saps all of the moisture out of my existing skin. Scrubs with oils and nourishing properties are amazing at leaving skin soft and smooth, and it also can eliminate the need for moisturiser if you’re in a hurry. I like the Coconut Spice Body Scrub by Yuva as it contains lots of oils to keep skin silky and revitalised.

Make skincare masks part of your regular routine. I do love a face mask. Unfortunately, I tend to save mine up for ‘special’ occasions such as a party or birthday which means I maybe use a mask once or twice a year. I’m changing that perspective from a ‘treat’ to a weekly necessity and I could not be happier. Face make provide so many benefits; you can get salon worthy results at home, it saves on facial costs, your skin looks brighter and smoother and your skin is kept in tip top condition. I recently purchased some sheet masks from Ella Bache and am excited to make them a regular part of my routine.

Your skincare routine is nothing without sunscreen. Ok I know this is old news but wearing sunscreen daily is so important! Once you make it a part of your morning routine you’ll never look back. Sunscreen is the only effective anti ageing treatment there is, and maintaining a perfect skincare routine means nothing without sunscreen; kind of like riding a bike without wheels. I use spf 30+ and above on my face/neck and recently started using an spf 50+ for that extra bit of protection.

Invest in an eye cream early on. We all have some issues with our eye areas; dark circles, shadows or wrinkles. Using the right eye cream daily can reduce many of these problems and best of all, it can prevent wrinkles by keeping the eye area moisturised. I normally apply mine at night right before bed.

I’d love to know if you have any skincare hacks that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!


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