Ella Bache Haul!

It all started with a $50 David Jones gift card.

I wandered over to the Ella Bache counter in DJ, with the intention to only pick up eye cream.

But of course there was a special deal on, whereby if you purchased two skincare products, you’d receive a GWP. Being Greek and a bit of a bargain hunter I soon found myself filling up my basket to qualify.

After using my Ella Bache products for a few weeks I quickly became hooked.

My skin was feeling and looking better than ever and I was receiving compliments, which is always nice. I went back and added more products to my collection, so today I thought I’d do a quick review on the products I’ve been using and my thoughts on each.

Ella Bache Special Eye Cream. Being in my thirties I decided it was high time to start using an eye cream regularly. The Special Eye Cream is designed for the delicate eye area and helps to protect against fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. It contains rich ingredients such as lanolin, vegetable oil and mineral oil and leaves a protective film over the skin to trap moisture, prevent dryness and tightness and lubricate the area. I am such a fan of this eye cream because it does what it says it does; it keeps the eye area very moisturised and I no longer notice any dryness. I usually apply it at night and sometimes in the morning, if I feel like I need it. If you are on the hunt for an eye cream I would recommend this one as it is perfect for all ages.

Ella Bache Intensive Recovery Cream. This is the brand’s multi purpose cream and can be used in a number of ways; to soothe and relieve extremely dry, flaky and chapped skin, as a spot treatment or as an intense treatment. It contains fish oil to soothe and repair, Thyme oil for antibacterial properties and lanolin (which is included in a few other Ella Bache products) to add intense moisture and prevent moisture loss. This was the GWP I mentioned above and while I was not expecting much, I was blown away by this moisturiser. This is exactly what I love in a moisturiser; it is soothing, intensive and did not cause irritation or breakouts. It is simply perfect. I’ve been using this as a rich night cream, mixed with my current face oil (Yuva’s Cellular Face Oil) and the results are incredible. My skin feels very moisturised afterwards, and I feel like my face has become a lot more smoother too? I love it so much that I recently purchased a backup.

Ella Bache Eternal Instant Ultra Rich Cream Mask. This is a very unique product as it can be used as both a face cream or a mask. It instantly comforts and relieves skin dryness and can be used on the eye area, face, décolleté and hands. The David Jones assistant recommended it as a face primer under makeup and that’s how I have been using it. Ok ladies, this is the best primer I’ve ever used. I apply it under my foundation and I promise you, my makeup does not budge all day. It also gives the illusion of plump skin and adds a beautiful dewy glow that can be seen through foundation. This is another product that I cannot live without now.

Ella Bache Eye & Lip Cleanser. This highly emollient and gentle cleanser is designed specifically for the eye and lip area. It removes even the toughest makeup without pulling or tugging the skin and leaves the delicate are perfectly conditioned and silky smooth. Although I rarely wear eye makeup, I bought this for the times that I do. I love anything nourishing and gentle, and this particular cleanser also helps to condition the eyelashes and keep them strong and thick; how could I pass it up? Only the smallest amount is needed for both the eyes and lips so this little pot will last me forever.

Ella Bache Spirulines Intensive Rich Wrinkle Cream. This intensive rich treatment cream is designed for even the driest of skins, and helps to visibly improve the appearance and texture of skin. It is perfect for ageing skins as it helps to plump up and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and also increase skin firmness. Revolumising Tripeptide Skin Proteins + C-Age helps to strengthen collagen and elastin, which is key for mature skins. I was recommended this cream after enquiring about an intensive night cream and so far I have really enjoyed it. It is too early to notice a difference as I’ve only used it a handful of times however I will let you know of my progress.

That rounds up my recent Ella Bache products!

I am really happy to have discovered a great range that meets my skincare needs, especially as I grow older.

I’d love to know whether you’ve tried any Ella Bache products and what you thought of them?


*As a disclaimer, these products were not gifted. I paid for the products myself.

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