What I’m reading lately #4

Hello & welcome back to another round up of what I’ve been reading lately.

After making a conscious effort to limit my phone use and reach for a book instead, I’m happy to say that I have well and truly (re?) caught the reading bug.

Reading has always provided an escape for me, and getting lost in a good book is one of my absolute favourite things to do. I was always an avid reader, especially during my lonely teen years. I remember when I started high school I had absolutely no friends. I would spend every single lunch break in the library and it was the only time during the day when I felt like I belonged. It’s a bit hard to describe but I never felt alone when I was around books.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading lately!

The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas. My love of romance/erotic novels continues with The Protector, a novel that a fellow blogger reviewed. Former SAS sniper Jake Sharp keeps his demons at bay with a mixture of heavy drinking and a stream of unsuitable women. When a request comes through to protect Camille Logan, the daughter of a ruthless billionaire he accepts it, not realising his world is about to be turned upside down. Without giving too much away, neither is what the other was expecting and their worlds collide in more ways than one. This was a really enjoyable read and I found it had more substance than the usual romance novels. Some parts were a bit too unbelievable (sappy even?) however overall it was a great read. I really liked Camille’s character and found myself wanting her to have a happy ever after. If you like this type of genre I highly recommend checking The Protector out.

Petals On The Wind by V.C. Andrews. During my teen years I was obsessed with V.C. Andrews and owned nearly all of her books. Petals On The Wind was hands down my favourite novel and followed the lives of the Dollanganger children after their escape from Foxworth Hall. I lost my original copy and after desperately wanting to read it I bought another copy. It’s just as good as I remember and even though the language is a bit dated (it is set in the 60s) I still love it just as much. Petals On The Wind follows Catherine, Chris and Carrie after Flowers In The Attic and into the next phase of their lives. Carrying the burdens that were inflicted upon them, they find it hard to adjust to life in the real world. Catherine’s hopes of being a ballerina are realised although not in the way she’d hoped, Chris’ dreams of becoming a doctor become a reality thanks to the generosity of a kind benefactor and Carrie struggles to cope without her twin brother. As a teen I absolutely loved Catherine’s character, especially the way she went after whatever she wanted, no matter the consequence. Sure, these books aren’t for everyone (V.C. Andrews had a very unique way of writing) and they are outdated however they are worth a read in my opinion!

Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult. This was probably the only Jodi Picoult novel I hadn’t read yet, so when I saw it in a bookstore I snapped it up. Handle With Care is about Willow, a 6 year old girl who suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a disorder which causes the bones to break easily. Her mother Charlotte sues the obstetrician for wrongful birth, except she also happens to be her best friend. In true Jodi Picoult fashion, the novel deals with the ethical implications of the situation. What I love about Jodi’s novels is that she presents both sides to every story, so even if the you don’t really agree with a particular character’s choices, you can still understand why they do the things they do. I really loved this novel although I didn’t expect not to; I am a huge Jodi Picoult fan and cannot fault her! There were plenty of twists and turns throughout the storyline which kept me guessing and while I had an idea of how it would turn out, the ending was still emotional. I highly recommend this book if you’re after a book with substance.

That completes my recent reading list!

I also re read a few favourites which I haven’t listed down as I’m pretty sure they’ve been reviewed on here before. Also, is it odd that I had no idea that Fan Fiction was a thing? I have just discovered the app and all I can say it wow. It’s nice to know there are other obsessive types like me out there! Currently I am reading the Twilight and After fan fiction which is interesting!

What have you been reading lately, anything good?


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