Eco Tan Face Tan Water vs Bali Body Face Tan Water- who did it better?

Today I’ll be sharing my brutally honest reviews of the face tan waters by both EcoTan and Bali Body.

Face tan water has become a revolutionary product over the past few years and was launched by the very innovative Sonya Driver who wanted to design a self tanner that was gentle on the skin (read more about her story here, it’s very inspiring). I remember years ago I would use regular self tanner on my face and it would break me out every single time.

When the Eco Tan Face Tan Water was developed I immediately bought a bottle and was thrilled with the results. It was the only product of its kind back then and was a real game changer for people. It’s essentially a toner for the face and you simply squirt some onto a cotton pad and apply it all over the face. Since then, other brands have released their own versions of tanning water. It can be hard to know what to spend your money on so I’ve decided to write up a post comparing two of the most popular tanning waters; the Eco Tan Face Tan Water and the Bali Body Tanning Water.

I have been using the Eco Tan version for over a year now and the Bali Body for a few months so I feel equipped to give a thorough review. Both are gradual tanners, so they need to be applied most days/nights for an effective tan. They can also be built up to a heavier tan if you apply more often. As a reference, for my light complexion I find applying 3-4 times a week is perfect for maintaining a subtle tan. I normally apply more towards the end of the week to be a bit darker.

So let’s get to the review shall we…

Eco Tan Face Tan Water

The Face Tan Water by Eco Tan is a revolutionary product that is specifically designed to tan your face, neck and décolletage. It is unique because it is entirely made from certified organic and naturally sourced ingredients. It is also vegan and cruelty free. The face tanner comes in a liquid format and is housed in a glass bottle with a stopper. The formula is non clogging, hydrating and even contains Hyaluronic Acid, an antioxidant that helps to hydrate, soothe and calm all skin types. So basically it’s the best kind of tanner you could possibly use on your face.

My thoughts

I am onto my second (or third? I can’t remember) bottle of the Eco Tan Face Tan and I absolutely love it. It’s a product that I cannot live without and use it regularly, around 3-4 times a week. It is a gradual tanner so you need to apply it quite often otherwise it fades. The best thing about this is the natural colour it gives the skin; it mimics a natural tan and it never looks fake, no matter how often you apply it. One gripe I have with this is the stopper; it’s slow and the liquid takes forever to drip out. Obviously not a huge issue but one that I hope Eco Tan changes!

Bali Body Face Tan Water*

The Face Tan Water by Bali Body is described as skincare meets self tan, meaning it helps to improve the texture of your skin at the same time as tanning it. It contains hydrating ingredients such as jojoba oil, rosewater and anti ageing sodium hyaluronate to leave the skin hydrated and glowing. It is also completely vegan. It comes housed in a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser.

My thoughts:

I was sent a bottle of the Bali Body Tan Water to test out and review, and I thought it would be interesting to compare it to the Eco Tan Face Tan Water and see how they measured up against each other. The Bali Body version is very good, and the biggest difference is the Bali Body version tans super dark. If I apply it 3+ times during the week, I get tan, very tan. So I like to use this when I fake tan my body so my face can match. It comes in a tall plastic bottle with a pump dispenser which makes it super easy to apply. I normally pump 3-4 squirts onto a cotton bud and apply all over my face and neck.

So who did it better?

To be completely honest, I actually like both of them but for different reasons. I find both products to be equally effective at tanning the face without causing irritation or breakouts. The biggest difference is the colour of the tan; the Bali Body version tans much darker whereas the Eco Tan version tans very naturally (sort of like an outdoorsy type tan), so it really comes down to personal choice.

On a daily basis I do find myself reaching for the Eco Tan version more and will only use the Bali Body version when I want a deeper tan quicker. However when it comes to travel, I take the Bali Body version as it’s easier to dispense, is plastic and tans quicker.

Have you tried any of these face tan waters? Which one did you prefer?


*Products were kindly gifted for consideration, however this does not impact on my review or thoughts and all opinions remain 100% my own. 


  1. November 9, 2019 / 6:55 pm

    I appreciate your genuine and thoughtful reviews as always Roxane. 🙂
    I haven’t tried either of these brands before but I think the Eco Tan version would work well for me too xox

    • abeautywanderer
      November 10, 2019 / 9:38 am

      Thanks Daisy! I think you’d like the Eco Tan face tan as it looks very natural on the skin.

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