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Hi everyone! How’s everyone coping with isolation life? It’s going into week 4 for me and it’s getting easier each day to adapt. I guess the only thing I really miss is knowing I can go out to dinner, for a coffee or visit my family whenever I want.

So over the last few years I’ve been slowly switching to natural based products. I know I’m not completely toxin free yet (and probably won’t be as I love skincare and makeup wayyy too much) however I make an effort to be smarter with my everyday choices as I know it’ll benefit me in the long run.

I thought I’d share a glimpse into all of the natural based skincare products I’m currently using. Please bare in mind that not all of these are completely natural however they may be slightly more beneficial than some of their counterparts.

So let’s get to them!

Burt’s Bees Body Lotion with Cocoa & Cupuacu Butters. This contains natural fragrance so it may be slightly healthier than products that contain only fragrance. This is an excellent lotion to keep skin soft and itch free. I have dry skin on my legs and sometimes they can get really itchy. This lotion soothes and keeps my skin moisturised for hours.

The Natural Face Balm in Jasmine & Rose. The Natural Deodorant is one of my absolute fave brands as they are aus owned, handmade and use locally sourced ingredients. This is an absolute dreamy face balm brimming with nourishing oils and butters and leaves your face super soft and nourished. I normally apply this at night before bed and always wake up with super soft skin.

LaMav Vitamin C Hand Creme. This is a new product to hit my desk and already it’s gained top status! LaMav Organics is an aus made skincare and makeup brand that use organic ingredients (the exact % is always specified on each product), free from a whole lot of nasties and cruelty free. So let’s get to the product itself. So I have really dry hands from a lifetime of excessive washing and this creme keeps them feeling super moisturised. It also has the most delicious citrus scent which lingers on the skin.

Yuva Super Cleanse. Yuva is another Australian made and owned brand that make amazing skincare and beauty products. The Super Cleanse contains lots of yummy oils to break up grime and makeup on the face and leave skin clean (but not in a squeaky way lol). I reach for this when I’m wearing heavier makeup and it honestly removes every last bit of makeup. It also smells incredible! I’ve gone through a few bottles of this!

The Natural Deodorant Lip Balm. Another product from The Natural Deodorant. This is my nighttime lip balm and I always apply it right before bed. It is super nourishing and keeps my lips super smooth. It has a lovely rose scent and just smells really yummy!

Corrynne’s Natural Skincare Natural Deodorant in Lavender. I picked this up after running out of my favourite deodorant and am absolutely loving it. It’s a clay based deodorant with so many lovely essential oils in it including lavender, patchouli and orange (all of my fave oils). It protects so well against odour and I always receive compliments on the scent; people always think it’s perfume until I tell them it’s actually my deodorant. Highly recommend this deodorant and the rest of Corrynne’s Natural Skincare range!

The Natural Deodorant Face Oil in Ylang Ylang.I do love a good face oil and this one is amazing. It’s a blend of cold pressed oils and essential oils and helps to restore ph balance and soothe the skin. I like to press a few drops onto my skin before bed and even before applying foundation in the morning, as it adds a lovely dewy look. I also find my skin feels more hydrated after using this and I don’t get that tight feeling.

Homemade face and body oil. I made this oil myself after attending an essential oils party and use this every single day. It’s meant to be a face oil however lately I’ve been using it on my body and my skin has never felt better! So many times I’ve suffered from dry, itchy skin on my legs however with this oil I no longer have that feeling! I shared my recipe here if you’d like to make your own!

So that rounds up all of my current natural products in use. As you can see I love anything nourishing and soothing so these are some good picks if you’re after the same!

Let me know if you use any natural based products or if you have any questions please leave a comment below!



  1. April 11, 2020 / 7:23 pm

    love the sound of the lip balm xxx

    • abeautywanderer
      April 21, 2020 / 10:26 am

      It’s so nourishing 🙂

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