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Wow, I haven’t done a book review in months. Sorry about that. I have read a few books since my last post and seeing we are in isolation and therefore have more time, I thought now is the perfect time to review them.

Here’s what I’ve read lately.

Going Under by Sonia Henry. There’s been a few of these intern style books around, where the author gives a realistic (and terrifying) look into a field not many of us get to see; the medical profession. Sonia Henry is a real life doctor based in Sydney and this is her breakout novel detailing her first year as an intern. It was funny, scary, sad and I read it in a flash. I loved this, really loved it and have read it a few times since. It opened my eyes to what doctors face each day; the uncertainty, self doubt and all of the terrible things they see. I guess we tend to see doctors as the be all and end all, but underneath it all they are only human and they do make mistakes. This book also gives an insight into the culture around interns and their interactions with senior staff and it is shocking. If you are interested in this sort of topic I think you’d enjoy this book. It’s not for the faint hearted though!

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. I had heard so many rave reviews for Colleen Hoover so decided to pick up one of her novels the next time I was at the bookstore. It Ends With Us is a love story but it also deals with domestic abuse so it isn’t your typical romance. I did enjoy it however it seemed a bit young to me and some parts dragged too long. Overall it was an enjoyable read but I didn’t overly love it. There are a few other Colleen Hoover books that sound good so I might give it another go.

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell. Where to start with this book? It was dark, disturbing and I could not put it down. Vanessa, a 15 year old high school student at an exclusive boarding school starts a relationship with her much older English teacher, Jacob Strane. The book goes back and forth between her high school years and the present day and we slowly start to learn what happens between them. The story also ties in with the recent #metoo movement as other victims of Jacob come forward. We see Vanessa grapple with the notion that it wasn’t her fault and slowly as the story progresses, she comes to see Strane for who he is. I struggled to see the abuse in the book until much later and even then I struggled to see it. I definitely saw it more as a forbidden love story rather than abuse, which I know makes me sound odd and not quite right. I’ve read so many reviews of this book and everyone was disgusted at the relationship between Jabob and Vaness however…I wasn’t. The author however has mentioned that she sees it more as a love story too so that makes me feel less alone. I guess I see everything in shades of grey instead of black or white, and can relate in a sense to being conditioned to think/act a certain way. It’s a heartbreaking novel but one that I would highly recommend to read, especially if you belong to a book club (plenty of discussion questions there!). Some parts were difficult to read though, so just an fyi there.

On the Island by Tracey Garcia Graves. So I am part of an online book club and this book came highly recommended. Thirty year old Anna is on her way to the Maldives with 16 year old student T.J when their plane crashes into the ocean. They survive and must do everything in their power to survive. Weeks, months and years pass by and they slowly start to connect as adults and then love blossoms between them. It was a great escape novel and definitely distracted me from everyday life. Some parts dragged on a bit and then it got really good about halfway through and then I couldn’t put it down. If you’ve ever watched the movie Blue Lagoon movie it sort of had those vibes about it. Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend as a light, enjoyable read.

Rereading: The Idea Of You by Robinne Lee. If you read my previous book posts you may know that I was obsessed with this novel (actually I still am). I would recommend it to everyone as it is such a beautiful read. Forty year old Solene, an art gallery owner falls for a 20 year old British band member (it’s based on Harry Styles!). It’s a sophisticated, intelligent and spicy love story that will bring up all sorts of feelings in you. Nothing I’ve read has compared to it since and basically everyone needs to read it.

In progress: Sing you Home by Jodi Picoult. Yes, another Jodi book that I haven’t read yet. This one has been an interesting read so far. It centres on a couple who after successfully falling pregnant via IVF, deliver a stillborn baby. Their marriage breaks up and then the wife meets and falls in love with a woman. They plan to have a baby using the ex husband’s sperm however he refuses and then a whole ethical case opens up. I am looking forward to seeing what happens as I love nothing more than a juicy court scene I can bite into!

What have you been reading lately? I need book recommendations so let me know!


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