Young Living Shampoo – Is it worth the money?

Earlier this year I joined Young Living, an essential oils company.

I had been interested in essential oils for many years, and even remember burning rose oil as a kid in an oil burner. Natural remedies have always interested me, from using chamomile to soothe eye infections to putting lavender oil on my pillow to sleep.

Young Living have products for every aspect of your life and the newest items to join my collection are the Lavender Volume Shampoo and Lavender Mint Shampoo.

Since I stopped dying my hair almost 2 years ago, I was in the market for a natural based shampoo that would cleanse and add volume naturally. I purchased these two shampoos as a way to compare them and to share my honest thoughts (as usual). So here is my review.

The Lavender Volume Shampoo is toxin free, plant based and contains ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, clary sage and lavender to volumise the hair. I had high hopes for this shampoo however they fell flat (pun intended). As an everyday shampoo it is fine; it cleansed the hair nicely and left it smelling nice. But in terms of volume, it did absolutely nothing for me. Priced at $33.49 wholesale and $44.10 retail, I do not personally think it is worth the price if you are after good volume.

The Lavender Mint Shampoo is also toxin free, plant based and contains essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, peppermint and spearmint for an invigorating blend. It is designed to be an everyday shampoo to clean and nourish the hair. Ok, I really love this shampoo and would recommend. I found this gave me way more volume than the lavender shampoo and the scent is to die for. I use this about twice a week as I alternate between different shampoos and this works well for me each time. There is also a matching conditioner which I have not tried and probably won’t as I am not fussed when it comes to conditioner. Priced at $33.8o for wholesale and $44.45 for retail, it is definitely on the pricier side. Is it worth the money? I think so as it does a great job. However, you could probably find a cheaper alternative on the market from health food stores. You could even add your own essential oils to a cheaper alternative which I have done and loved.

Have you tried any of these shampoos from Young Living? What did you think?



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