All the things I loved and loathed in 2020

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I can’t believe 2020 is almost over. I also can’t believe how quickly it went. It really was a year of waiting wasn’t it? Waiting to see how covid would pan out, waiting to see how bad it would get and waiting for our lives to go back to normal. As I write this, Victoria has released another restriction from 5pm tonight and masks are mandatory again indoors. Not the best way to ring in 2021 but things could be a lot worse.

Anyway, I thought I’d round up all of my loves and loathes for 2020. I did the same post last year and it had a good response so I bring you the best and worst of 2020!

So here they are:

Things I Loved

Hermes Bangle by MIMA. I stumbled across MIMA on Instagram and fell in love with their stunning range. I love luxury but definitely would not fork out thousands for an item, so I decided this was the next best thing. MIMA re-purpose vintage designer bag buttons into beautiful jewelry including earrings, bangles and necklaces. I am in love with my Hermes bangle and have my eye on some Chanel pieces next.

Gardening. Ok this one came a bit late (like towards the end of the year) but 2020 was the year I developed a green thumb. I’ve planted all sorts of edibles (tomatoes, herbs, lemons, strawberries) and I am so looking forward to reaping the benefits. Next up on my list to plant are lettuce, more lemon trees (as I am obsessed with lemons and use them in every single dish) and more herbs.

Vintage Designer Bags. I spoke about my small collection here and while I have no plans to add anymore just yet, I probably will in the future. My absolute favourite purchase was the Fendi hobo which is just so glam to me. I wore it to most of my post lockdown dinners and absolutely love it.

Crochet. I think I made about 20 blankets during lockdown as I just had so much spare time after working all day. Crochet is therapeutic to me and it helps me to unwind at night.

Cooking. I’ve always liked cooking to be honest but lockdown allowed me more time to play around with different recipes and spend more time in the kitchen. Some things I made were homemade spanakopitas (time consuming but so easy to make), roasted lemon chicken with homemade stuffing and a few other Greek recipes.

Tickle My France-y by OPI. My love for nude coloured nail polishe continues with this stunning mauve nude shade. It honestly goes with everything and I would be happy to wear it exclusively for the rest of my life.

My Dark Vanessa from Kate Elizabeth Russell. This was easily my favourite book from 2020 and probably will be for years to come. It has received a lot of hype especially as it talks about topics that are difficult to speak about. It centres around a 15 year old schoolgirl who starts an affair with her much older English teacher. While so many people found it difficult to read, I didn’t. I am not sure why. I definitely saw it as more of a love story than a tale of abuse. If you’ve read it, I’d love to know your thoughts on it.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. During lockdown I binge watched the first 4 seasons on Netflix and got pretty hooked! I just love seeing how the rich and famous live; it truly is another world and one that I will never know in this lifetime haha. I think I watch it more for the mansions and designer goods; it is really hard not to feel envious. I know the show is trivial and petty AF but it is just so enjoyable to watch. My favourites are Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards.

Invisalign. So if you read this blog you may know I got Invisalign this year (lockdown was the best time to get braces, just saying). I’ve had them since April and they have honestly made the biggest difference to my confidence. Invisalign are incredibly comfortable (not like the metal braces I sported in high school) and they can be taken out whenever you like, so it’s perfect if you have an event to go to. I am currently waiting on my next set (I have been waiting since September which I am not happy about!) and then I will most likely be done. If you are wanting to get braces I highly recommend Invisalgn.

Things I Loathed

COVID-19. Obviously the top of the list is COVID-19, although from a personal point of view I was very lucky to keep my job and work from home. So this is more of an overall loathe but personally I didn’t have it as bad as others. It’s been really sad to see it spread across the world and even sadder to see how some leaders have handled it.

Wearing makeup. Who even am I these days? During lockdown I obviously never left my house so would never put makeup on. After things opened up again I found I just could not be bothered with it. Even now, I will apply mascara and fix my brows and that’s the extent. I am hoping my love for makeup will come back as I really miss it!

I think that rounds up all of my loves and loathes for 2020! I’d love to know what yours were for the year.

Have a safe and happy new years and see you all in the new year!


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