Post Melbourne Lockdown Diary

Hello! I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post. I also can’t believe Christmas is just over a week away (HOW? WHY? WHAT?). I feel majority unprepared this year. I’ve barely bought any presents and what’s worse, I don’t even care. Anyone else feel like this?

So in my last post Melbourne had just opened up for us. I quickly booked a bunch of dinners/drinks and thought I’d share some pictures of where I went and what I wore! Let me know if you like these sort of posts as I find them fun to put together.

So our first dinner was at Sebastian’s in Williamstown, one of our favourite restaurants. They serve Spanish style food and tapas with some great cocktails.

I wore a pink sundress and my new/secondhand Versace bag. To be honest I was more excited about taking my new bag out ha ha. Also, can you tell I am wearing my Invisalign aligner? I wish I had taken it out for the photo though.

Dinner was great, as usual. We had calamari and ceviche to start with, roasted chicken and steak as a main (we shared these) and then a lemon meringue dessert to finish off.

Sometimes I like to match my steak to my handbag.

Second dinner was at the Fitzroy Town Pub followed by cocktails at The Black Pearl with some friends.

I wore a Missguided blue crop top, leather skirt and my new/old Fendi hobo bag. I really liked this outfit and will definitely wear it again (in fact, I did if you scroll below haha)! Dinner was good, it was pub food so pretty basic. The Black Pearl is such a nice bar; it has a kind of jazz/vintage feel and the staff are super friendly. I remember that night was really warm and there were people everywhere; it was so nice to see things back to (semi) normal.

The next dinner was at The Strand in Williamstown. I’ve been before and love the food, not to mention the amazing view of the sea! I went to high school in Williamstown (Point Gellibrand which no longer exists) and have always loved the area. Dinner was nice but we were seated upstairs with our backs to the window so we could not enjoy the view at all. Not a big deal I know but we were really looking forward to it! Oh well…

This seafood linguine was so good!

I had my work Christmas lunch last Thursday at the Leyla restaurant on Bond Street, here’s what I wore: black jeans, a polka dot blue top, teddy coat and my new Zara handbag.

It started off as a cold day but in true Melbourne style it became much warmer later in the day. It was great seeing my colleagues again after so long! As for the restaurant itself, it was a pop up marquee directly opposite Maha resturant. The food was nice, but not sure it was worth the $70 price to be honest…

We went to Pier Farm in Williamstown this weekend for a spontaneous dinner. I know, we’ve been dining out so much lately but we really missed it. Pier Farm is located on the beach and has the most beautiful dining room with a terrace opening up to the beach. The food and drinks were lovely but the setting really steals the show!

So pretty! This is the dining room and where we sat.


Here’s what I wore: Missguided knit, leather skirt and my vintage Fendi bag. Oh and I wore my nude Wittner heels which were seriously uncomfortable and gave me blisters straight away. I definitely will not be wearing those again!

And here I am at the front. Such a pretty venue!

Can you see me wincing in pain?

I also had my hair finally cut and coloured after almost a year.

I think it’s been almost two years since I last dyed my hair. I went for really natural highlights as I am trying to grow out my previous colour and I also had a much needed trim. I has visions of chopping my hair to my shoulders but chickened out at the last minute. Does anyone else get this way?

I hope you enjoyed this post lockdown post! Work has been incredibly busy so I won’t dwell on that. I’d rather share all of the fun things.

What have you been up to lately? Been anywhere fun since lockdown ended?


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