New Products I’ve Been Using Lately

Hi all and welcome back to another post!

I’ve made a conscious effort to blog more this year as I really miss writing and sharing my thoughts on products. I feel like blogging has such taken a backseat to Instagram and other social media channels  and unfortunately it’s all about fast content and free PR these days. I miss the days when you could just write freely and share what was on your mind, without worrying about stats and follower counts.

Anyway, in today’s post I’ll be sharing some new products that I’ve bought & used lately. The majority of what I buy now are skincare products and body products, such as self tan, moisturisers etc. I hardly ever buy makeup these days as I just don’t wear it that often (although I did end up treating myself to new makeup, which you can read all about below).

So here’s what I’ve bought and used lately:

Le Tan Face Tanning Serum. This was a total impulse buy. I went into Chemist Warehouse looking for a face tan as I’d ordered the Eco Tan version and my order had been delayed (catastrophe). I saw the Le Tan version and as it was only $13 I picked it up. My first reaction when I opened it was wow it’s tiny! It really is the tiniest vial you’ve ever seen. But, I am glad to say it is extremely effective and tans the face so well so quickly. I applied two layers the first night and woke up to a lovely sunkissed glow. It has a green tinge which means it tans olive and is perfect for paler skins. Highly recommend.

Eco Tan Coconut Body Milk. I remember seeing this years ago in a shop and wanting to try it, so I finally did. It is a body milk so it’s lighter than your standard body moisturiser. The first time I used this, I applied to my neck and chest and my skin reacted pretty badly. I don’t know if it’s because I had just done a workout or had a shower but my skin was very red and itchy. I washed it off and the redness went down. I’ve used it since and have had no reaction so could have been a once off thing? It has a light consistency and a lovely subtle scent. It does take a while to rub into the skin however I think that’s just because I applied too much the first time.

Lanolips Coconutter Intense Hand Cream. I had used up my previous tube so when I saw it came in an intense version I bought it. This is an amazing hand cream as it softens the hands so well. My hands are extremely dry as I forever have them in water so this is a lifesaver for me. I like to keep this in my handbag as it’s one of my nicer hand creams. The scent is to die for and has the most divine nutty scent. If I could eat it with a spoon I would.

Nu Skin Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste*. This is a random one however a PR firm sent this whitening toothpaste for trial and I actually love it. I am forever brushing and cleaning my teeth (due to having braces) so this came at a good time. It has a natural peppermint flavour and leaves the mouth feeling very clean and hygienic. It also doesn’t have that overbearing fake peppermint taste that so many other toothpastes have. It definitely feels more clean and simple.

Amrezy Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I had wanted this palette for the longest time, but I already own the Norvina palette and hadn’t finished it yet. But, I had a Sephora gift card and thought, ok now I will purchase it. So I did. It’s a stunning palette. The shades are mostly glittery, very intense and there are a few matte shades for balance. It has a beautiful turquoise shade which is what initially drew me in (I can’t go past a pretty blue shade). Although I will probably never finish it, I am glad to have added it my collection. Keep your eyes out for a review soon. Just as an FYI, if you apply the glittery shades with a wet brush they are so much more intense!

Eco Tan Hempitan Water. This was part of the pack with the Coconut Body Milk and I was curious to try it. I had heard mixed reviews on it, the common issue being that it applied streaky. I’ve used it once and it worked pretty well for me. I use the Eco Tan mitt that came with the pack, as it has a silky side and it specifically designed for the Hempitan water. Being a water, it is slightly harder to apply than mousse and it has no colour guide so you can’t really see where you’ve applied it. Overall, it tanned nicely and I will follow up with a review either here or on my Instagram.

Natural Wander Rose Hip Oil. I’ve always loved using oils on my skin for their natural benefits. Rose Hip Oil is a luxurious oil that helps to keep skin richly moisturised and is excellent for softening fine lines and wrinkles. I love to apply this oil at night to my face, focusing on where my fine lines are (around my eyes and tops of my cheekbones). Highly recommend this oil as a natural alternative to skincare.

So as you can see most of my recent additions are skincare and body care products. I realise as I get older, I don’t feel the need to buy every single product out there as I know I just won’t use it. These days I am all about the summer glow (from a can of course), clear skin and only a bit of makeup. It sure is a change from the full face of makeup I used to sport around in my early 20s!

What have you been using lately? Do you find yourself buying more or less makeup as you get older?

Thanks for reading 🙂


*Products were kindly gifted for consideration. All opinions and views are 100% my own. 


  1. February 11, 2021 / 3:53 pm

    I am still so tempted by that palette ah!!

    • abeautywanderer
      February 14, 2021 / 10:30 pm

      Get it! It’s a lovely palette

  2. February 14, 2021 / 10:04 pm

    Hi Roxane,

    Thank you so much for sharing the latest products you are using. I am very interested in getting the Eco Tan Coconut body milk!!!!! Besides, I saw that you are also recommending the rosehip oil. Would you recommend rosehip oil over marula oil? I have been doing research online to see what natural oil I could add to my night cream to add extra moisture boost. It seems like marula oil is a popular choice too.

    Would you recommend rosehip oil over marula oil? I have combination skin. So I am looking for an oil that can add extra moisture to my face but it doesn’t clog my pore.

    Thank you once again!

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