My LaMav Skincare 8 week challenge

I recently participated in an 8 week skincare challenge with LaMav Organics.

I’ve been using LaMav products for a few years now and absolutely love them. They are certified organic, against animal testing and just have really good ethics as a company. Being a beauty blogger means I am forever trying new products so I’ve never really stuck to a strict routine. I thought the challenge would be a great excuse to only use LaMav and see how it worked out for my skin.

I was sent a complete skincare routine* to use for the entire 8 weeks, along with a schedule of what products to use when.


Here is a list of the products used:

For Day

Cleanser#1: Hydra Calm Cleansing Creme

Cleanser#2: Marula Face Cleansing Oil (LaMav recommend double cleansing both day and night)

Retinol: Bakuchiol 4% Natural Retional Alternative

Serum: Commiphora Ultra Plumping Serum

Moisturiser: Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Creme

Eye Cream: Firming Eye Lotion

For Night

Cleanser#1: Hydra Calm Cleansing Creme

Cleanser#2: Marula Face Cleansing Oil

Retinol: Bakuchiol 4% Natural Retional Alternative

Serum: Nightly Repair Nectar

Moisturiser: Hyaluronan Daily Moisture Creme

Eye Cream: Firming Eye Lotion

I placed the products in order of use on my bathroom bench so they were right in front of me. This made it easier to stick to a routine and took the guesswork out of knowing which order to use the products in.

After each week, we were required to send LaMav a before and after photo of our skin, along with thoughts/comments on how our skin was doing.

So here is the before and after photo of the 8 week challenge. I think the results speak for themselves!

Such a big difference! My skin was so dry and dehydrated before, and my fine lines were pretty prominent. My skin also looked visibly plumper and hydrated, and a lot smoother too after the end of the 8 weeks.

Overall, after the 8 week challenge was up, I noticed a huge difference to my skin, the biggest being how hydrated it looked. My skin is on the drier side which tends to make my fine lines stand out a bit more. Using this routine significantly reduced the appearance of these fine lines, especially around my eyes. I actually couldn’t believe the difference.

Of course, some weeks my skin did not look fantastic due to hormones or stress, so at time the results were not as noticeable. However, I will say that the products did an excellent job of keeping my face hydrated and I never once experienced that dry feeling, even after cleansing.

After the challenge finished I went back to using random skincare products and my skin did not feel or look as good as it did while using LaMav. I’ve only started recently using the LaMav routine again and once again my skin is looking great.

Overall I did notice a huge difference after the 8 week challenge. Using products tailored specifically for dry, dehydrated skin made a massive difference for me, as well as keeping to a set routine each day and night.

If you stick to a routine consistently you will see results, and the LaMav range is an amazing range to try.

These products were gifted for my consideration however I have and will continue to purchase LaMav products with my own money as they are really effective. Just make sure to pick products tailored to your skin type.

Have you tried any products from LaMav? If so, how did you find them?


*Products were kindly gifted for consideration. All opinions and views are 100% my own. 

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