Letter from the Editor #5

Hi hello.

It feels like ages since I last wrote here.

Anyway I thought I’d write a quick post and catch you up (well if anyone even reads this anymore?) on what’s been happening with life lately.

So Melbourne is once again locked down. I won’t lie, it’s tough and really affects you mentally. I am very lucky that I can work from home (even though I have been going into the office a bit more recently) and I know others aren’t as lucky. I really feel for them. I know it’s unfair that some people can work and others can’t…if the shoe was on the other foot and I couldn’t work, I know I would be completely devastated. I know many of my fellow colleagues feel this way, so please don’t assume that we don’t care. It is the complete opposite in fact. If anyone ever feels like chatting, you can email me at beautybyroxane@outlook.com.au.

So what else?

I am still crocheting like crazy and am currently making my sister an Outlander inspired blanket. I’ve decided to donate some of my blankets to Peter Mac hospital as they have a gift shop and raise money for the hospital selling donated goods. I’ve also made some baby blankets for a few friends who have or are expecting babies and it’s so nice to be able to give something handmade.

I’ve watched a few shows on Binge and Netflix lately. I get bored really quickly so I never seem to actually finish something but I am proud (or ashamed rather) to say that I finished the Housewives of Melbourne seasons 1 – 4. It is really entertaining to watch rich women scream at each other over French champagne. I mean, it does give me severe anxiety but nonetheless it is very funny to watch. My favourite housewives are Gina Liano (so smart and always comes out on top) and Janet as she is just so funny. I heard season 5 is coming out so I cannot wait for that.

I started to watch Sex/Life as it looked interesting but could not get past episode 2; the script is sooo terrible and everything about it is so unrealistic. Not that I watch tv to see reality only, but I just couldn’t get into this show. It helps that the lead actress/actors are attractive though.

Reading wise, I read one book this last month. It was called The Maidens by Alex Michaelidis. He also wrote The Silent Patient which was a really captivating book but for me, The Maidens fell a bit flat at the end. The storyline was great and it was very well written, however the ending was not a huge shock so I felt a bit let down. Has anyone else read it?

I’ve been using some new beauty bits and bobs recently and will put up a post on my thoughts sometime in the near future. I’ve also been thinking of writing a post on how to get started as a beauty blogger. Not that I feel like I’ve ‘made it’ or anything, but just some tips that worked for me personally.

I think that’s all. Nothing else is really going on. Work is incredibly busy so I work most days late into the evening/night. That leaves little time to do anything fun during the week (not that we can exactly do much at the moment).

Thanks for reading xx



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