Sunday at Nicol’s Paddock

I thought I’d share what I got up to this Sunday! We had booked lunch at Nicol’s Paddock, a little winery about 45 minutes out of Melbourne. After the terrible storms in Melbourne this week, the weather luckily turned out nice and sunny which means one thing- dress weather!

Anyway, it was the prettiest winery! We decided on the set menu to sample a bit of everything.

First up – drinks! I had a glass of rose and Matthew had the Pinot noir. Both were delicious although I’m not much of a daytime drinker; the wine went straight to my head.

Our view whilst sipping on our drinks.

By the way, we were the first ones in the restaurant so that’s why the tables are empty. They soon filled up though!

Our first course of olives, popcorn and smoked almonds. I liked the olives and almonds but not sure about the popcorn- I prefer the cinema version instead haha.

The second course was my favourite. There was crusty bread with baba ganoush, kangaroo tartar with some sort of crunchy cracker and two pastries with ham and peas. The dip was really good and so was the tartar surprisingly; I’ve never had it in this form before and it was really delicious! The pastry was nice too.

The third and last course. Roasted sweet potatoes with some sort of mayonnaise, roasted pumpkin and rocket salad and a baked chicken dish. This was all really nice but we were pretty full at this stage and struggled to get through it.

Dessert wasn’t included in the set menu so Matthew ordered the affogato. I was full so I was happy with an earl grey tea.

Overall it was a really nice meal although next time I think I’d be happy with the cheese/charcuterie board and a couple of side dishes. The staff were fantastic at always making sure we had enough water and regularly checked in on how we were going with our food. Plus, the grounds are beautiful and it felt like we were a million miles away from Melbourne.

Afterwards we went to the local Westfields to browse around. Matthew bought me a book from Target and I tried on a pair of jeans from Strapper Surf although I didn’t end up buying them- the waistband at the back was too big! I think it’s because I have scoliosis so my body is a large S shape haha.

How did you spend your Sunday?

Roxane xx

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