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Young Living Mint Satin Facial Scrub

I recently became a member of Young Living, which is an essential oils brand. The Mint Satin Facial Scrub is the first skincare product I’ve tried from Young Living and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. I am…


Springfields x A Beauty Wanderer

I love discovering new skincare lines and it was by chance that I found out about Springfields. I had purchased Patchouli Essential Oil by Springfields from a healthcare shop and after using it in my homemade face oil recipe and…


Reading #6

Wow, I haven’t done a book review in months. Sorry about that. I have read a few books since my last post and seeing we are in isolation and therefore have more time, I thought now is the perfect time…


Four Self Tanners That Won’t Turn You Orange

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You excitedly apply the tanning foam to your body, energised by the promise of a caramel tan. This little bottle has the power to transform you into a long and lithe limbed beauty (because…


LaMav Organic x A Beauty Wanderer

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my collaboration with LaMav Organics. I shared some of my most used products from their range, so I thought I’d elaborate and write up a blog post! A bit of…


All of the natural products I use

Hi everyone! How’s everyone coping with isolation life? It’s going into week 4 for me and it’s getting easier each day to adapt. I guess the only thing I really miss is knowing I can go out to dinner, for…


Working From Home Essentials

So I am week 2 into working from home and so far it has been ok.  The downfalls? Next to no human contact, feeling restricted to your home and the lack of movement.  The perks?  There is no travel time…


Small ways to maintain normalcy in the current climate

Hi everyone! What strange times we are living in hey? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the world is slowly shutting down bit by bit as we battle COVID-19. There’s no denying this is a frightening and uncertain time for…


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